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Black Salted Caramel Cookie


The Black cookie has extra dark chocolate and is bursting with heavenly salted caramel.

Brownie Stuffed Cookie


The classic chocolate chip cookie stuffed with fudge brownie.

Carrot Cake


Our Carrot Cake is tender and moist with a delicious cream cheese frosting and topped with roasted walnuts.

(12 persons)

Chocolate Babka


Fluffy dough, dark chocolate, and roasted hazelnuts all combined in a beautiful roll of pure happiness.

Chocolate Chip Cookie


The cookie that started it all, the classic chocolate chip cookie.

Chocolate Heart Cookie


An explosion of dark Belgian chocolate inside our chocolate chip cookie, the chocolate heart cookie is the mother of all cookies.

Chocolate Moelleux


This rich French classic is a decadent and intensely chocolatey cake with a soft texture.

(10 persons)

Cinnabomb Cookie


Crispy cinnamon sugar crust, bursting with our special homemade Dulce de Leche filling.

Cinnamon Roll Cake


The soft bouncy goodness of our fluffy cinnamon rolls rolled into a huge cake and topped with our special luscious cream cheese frosting.

(10 persons)

Cinnamon Rolls


Our signature cinnamon rolls are bursting with intense aromas of cinnamon sugar.

Choose your topping: our special luscious cream cheese frosting, Nutella or Lotus biscoff.

Cookie Cake


The goodness of our red velvet, chocolate chip, and double chocolate cookies combined in a giant cake topped with an assortment of chocolates.

(10 persons)



The eclair cookie is stuffed with a kinder bar and topped with rich Belgian chocolate.

Crème Brûlée Cookie


Crackling top Crème Brûlée cookie filled with our homemade soft pastry cream.



Our French croissant are light, flaky, and made with layers of pure butter.

  • minimum order of 6 pieces




Our cupcakes have a light and fluffy texture – choose from vanilla, chocolate, or red velvet!

Double Chocolate Almond & Salted Caramel Cookie


This double chocolate cookie is the perfect balance between sweet and salty, loaded with salted caramel and topped with crushed almonds.

Double Chocolate Cookie


The best of both worlds, double the chocolate, double the fun; the Double Chocolate cookie with chocolate topping!

Fudge Brownies


Intensely rich, fudge brownies made with premium Belgian chocolate and topped with roasted hazelnuts.



Halawa Cookie


The famous taste of the Middle Eastern Halawa intertwined into the goodness of a cookie!

Japanese Cheesecake


The fluffy Japanese cheesecake has a light sponge-like texture but still has the rich, creamy goodness we all love.

(served with your choice of topping: salted caramel or strawberry coulis)


Killer Queen Cookie


The Queen of all cookies! 4.5 ounces of cookie loaded with Belgian chocolate callets, walnuts, and sea salt flakes.

Knefeh Cookie


A Middle Eastern fusion stuffed with melty cheese and covered with crunchy knefeh crumbs.

Lava Brookies


An exclusive signature creation of Cuisine d’Amour, the Brookies have an intense molten lava chocolate filling, and are topped with a red velvet cookie, double chocolate cookie, or the original chocolate chip cookie.

Lotus Cookie


The decadent Lotus biscoff stuffed into a cookie with velvety dulce de leche.

Mini Banana Cakes


They’re called banana cakes and not banana bread for a reason; so moist, packed with fresh natural bananas and topped with dreamy Nutella spread.

Mini Carrot Cake


Our moist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and roasted walnuts in a mini version.

Mini Tarts


Our mini tarts will surely leave you drooling for more, choose from Strawberry, Lemon or Chocolate Salted Caramel.




Our muffins are moist and rich in flavor, choose from Chocolate chip, Double chocolate, Nutella, or Blueberry.

Nutella Cookie


The all-time best seller, this cookie is oozing with Nutella filling and loaded with Belgian chocolate callets.

Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie


The wholesome Oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips, cranberries and almonds.

Oreo Stuffed Cookie


Our chocolate chip cookie stuffed with Oreo.

Peanut Butter Cookie


The classic crunchy Peanut Butter cookie.

Raha And Pistachio Cookie


The Raha cookie is coated with crushed pistachios and has notes of rose water, a blend not to be missed!

Red Velvet Cake


Our Red Velvet cake is incredibly soft, moist, and layered with velvety cream cheese frosting.


Red Velvet Cookie


The Red Velvet cookie with chocolate callets.