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Our muffins are moist and rich in flavor, choose from Chocolate chip, Double chocolate, Nutella, or Blueberry.

Japanese Cheesecake


The fluffy Japanese cheesecake has a light sponge-like texture but still has the rich, creamy goodness we all love.

(served with your choice of topping: salted caramel or strawberry coulis)


Red Velvet Cake


Our Red Velvet cake is incredibly soft, moist, and layered with velvety cream cheese frosting.


Carrot Cake


Our Carrot Cake is tender and moist with a delicious cream cheese frosting and topped with roasted walnuts.

(12 persons)

Mini Carrot Cake


Our moist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and roasted walnuts in a mini version.

Cookie Cake


The goodness of our red velvet, chocolate chip, and double chocolate cookies combined in a giant cake topped with an assortment of chocolates.

(10 persons)

Chocolate Moelleux


This rich French classic is a decadent and intensely chocolatey cake with a soft texture.

(10 persons)

Mini Banana Cakes


They’re called banana cakes and not banana bread for a reason; so moist, packed with fresh natural bananas and topped with dreamy Nutella spread.



Our cupcakes have a light and fluffy texture – choose from vanilla, chocolate, or red velvet!



Our mini tarts will surely leave you drooling for more, choose from Strawberry, Lemon or Chocolate Salted Caramel.