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Cuisine d’Amour is a brand founded by Michele Khalife El Khoury, a devoted self-taught baker who turned a passion into a mission to make the best desserts in the world! The concept is built around creating an experience for everyone to satisfy their wildest cravings. We offer a variety of gourmet desserts from cookies, signature pastries, chocolate specialties, cakes, and much more!

“Cuisine d’Amour was genuinely born out of pure passion. And I believe that true passion must be shared with the ones you love. Growing up, every time I baked a dessert, I was striving to make an amazing one-of-a-kind experience to the people around me, and it made them happy! Desserts are so powerful, they draw smiles on people’s faces and I believe that this is my little contribution into making the world a happier place.” – Michele